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Referral Information

TOP THREE THINGS for a smooth referral request

  1. First, check with your insurance to find out if you need a referral. If you are unsure about this, you can call the member services number on your insurance card to find out. 
  2. Next, call and make an appointment with a specialist. When choosing the date for your child's appointment with the specialist, please keep in mind we will need 3 to 5 business days to process the referral, so book at least a week out. 
  3. Finally, call our office immediately after making the appointment, to request a referral. Office will need the following information to process the referral:
  • Name of Specialist your child will be seeing

  • Specialist's Phone number

  • Specialist's Fax Number

  • Date of your child's appointment

  • Reason for the appointment 

Let us know if the specialist wants the referral to be faxed, or if you will need to pick up the referral from our office.

Please note that referrals cannot be completed AFTER an appointment with a specialist.

Please do not see a specialist or have a diagnostic procedure done and then call us for a referral. Insurance companies will not allow us to back date or complete a referral after a specialist visit or treatment has been performed.